Jon and Chris

Jon and Chris are the masterminds behind this unique bbq catering experience. They have combined their individual passions for cooking with their nautral talents to entertain. Chris adds a more homestyle Italian cooking technique, taking simple and fresh ingredients and combining them to create delicious dishes. Jon is the mad scientist in the kitchen, experimenting with new and different combinations of meats and herbs to keep the menu crisp and everchanging. You're gonna love the magical dishes and cooking styles that roll into your party.


Unique Characteristics:

  • College roommates at the University of Vermont
  • The "Big Pig" idea started as an excuse to cook at friends graduation parties
  • They are firm believers in an active lifestyle...filled with BBQ of course
Chris LaBella aka "The Big Pig"

Chris started his culinary career working at Dom’s Sausage (the best meat shop in the world). After absorbing a ton of knowledge and gaining some great experience he headed off to the University of Vermont to get a degree. During his college career he built a giant meat smoker in his welding class. After college he started booking jobs locally around Boston, bought some more equipment, hired his friends and family to help, and the rest is history.  Chris continues to travel the world looking for more great BBQ recipes to add to the menu. He is truly dedicated to his customers and makes it a point to try and meet every one of them in person. So give him a call and he will gladly tell you some great BBQ stories…

Chief Executive Pitmaster

Unique Characteristics:

  • Aquarius
  • Has poor fashion taste
  • Avid kiteboarder
  • Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
Jonathan Hambrecht aka "Burger"

They don’t call him “Burger” for no reason, he is known for cooking up some of the best Burgers you’ll ever have. A co-founder from the beginning, Jon has been with the company from day one. He is the “go to” guy when there is a problem or things just need to get done. Aside from working Big Pig you will see Jonathan in the backwoods of Vermont or Colorado still searching for the best snowboarding trail in the world…

Chief Operations Guru

Unique Characteristics

  • Mountain Biker by trade
  • Favorite TV show: Portlandia
  • Was never good at Math
  • The glue that holds Big Pig together
Anthony LaBella aka "Big Bro"

Also with the company since day one, Anthony is the creative genius behind all of the marketing and design. He and Chris design all of the websites, logos, ads, marketing campaigns, menus, clothing, and accessories associated with Big Pig. He is the one behind closed doors making sure everything runs smoothly. The tight brotherly bond that Anthony and Chris share along with their creative minds make the possibilities endless for Big Pig.

Director of Marketing

Unique Characteristics

  • Computer whiz
  • Enjoys astronomy 
  • Favorite dessert is creme brulee


Michael Nigro aka "The Runt"

Michael is the runt of the Big Pig crew, he may be the youngest of the grillmaster's but he's clocked more hours behind a grill than everyone else. He is the future of Big Pig, bringing new youth and energy to any BBQ he is at. Michael is the one giving out orders to the older guys, making sure everything is perfect at your event. 

Pig Master and Office Secretary

Unique Characteristics

  • A stud on the ice with a hockey stick
  • Favorite BBQ: Baby Back Ribs
  • Enjoys paintball and rap
  • Not a good poker player
Carl Orlandi aka "Carlito"

Don't let his thick Italian accent fool you, Carl is a gentle giant. He cares about one thing, making sure you are completely satisfied and that everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail.  So sit back and relax, you’re in for a stress free and amazing BBQ with Carl calling the shots. 


Operations Manager

Unique Characteristics


  • Grew up on the streets of Sicily
  • Loves Chianti and a fine Cigar
  • Aspiring Deep Sea Fisherman 
  • Favorite TV show: Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations
Tim Connelly aka "Original Tim"

Tim is the wild one of the bunch. His days are spent managing massive corporate outings for Big Pig, and his nights are usually filled with outrageous acts such as playing chess with friends in a quiet setting or watching discovery channel documentaries. He brings a fresh and fun attitude to any BBQ that he attends. Tim is always running around waiting on the customer hand and foot so buckle up, you’re in for a treat when Tim comes on by.

King Grill Master

Unique Characteristics:

  • Favorite Music: Hip Hop
  • Loves cats
  • Attends Salve Regina College
  • Aspiring Sportscaster for ESPN


Andy Poor aka "The Poor Man"

What can we say about Andy, he is an extremely tall lovable part of our staff. His height advantage allows him to get a nice birds eye view of your party to make sure everything is running smoothly. Andy is also spearheading Big Pig's alternative marketing/exposure techniques. He is the one at the festivals, concerts, ski resorts, bars, and Patriots games handing out Big Pig flyers, merchandise, and just talking about some great BBQ. 

Research and Development

Unique Characteristics:

  • 12 feet tall
  • Die hard Bruins fan
  • Loves Buffalo Mac & Cheese
  • Is a real stickler.
Shane Kligerman aka "Beats"

A Teacher by trade, Shane is a kind-hearted soul and truly cares about BBQ and helping others. Shane has a passion for mixing tracks and attending music festivals. He brings a fresh vibe to Big Pig, always improving the sales process and customer relationships. Relationships are kind of his forté...

Director of Sales

Unique Characteristics:

  • Avid Marathoner
  • Favorite Restaurant: ShakeShack
  • Loves Rollerblading
  • Very popular on JDate
John Gregerick aka "JGreg"

John Greg is the wise man of the crew. He is the most "mature" member. He's like a fine aged piece of oak that we throw in our smokers, he only gets better with time. John Greg is a full time teacher and father. He's a family man, and brings a nice sense of camraderie to the Big Pig crew. So feel free to chat him up about BBQ, Fatherhood, and Fishing.

Company Wise Man

Unique Characteristics:

  • Favorite Topsfield Fair Ride: Duck Races
  • Classic Rock Fan
  • He traveled with the Rolling Stones on Tour
  • Role Model for the Big Pig guys
Gary Pelusi aka "Gary Busey"

Gary is currently the jolliest person on this planet. When he arrives at your event he will make sure everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves. He loves all things cooking and really enjoys being outside on a nice summer day. He has a strong culinary background and puts it to work when he's carving a whole pig or preparing some of the Big Pig food behind the scenes.

Director of Customer Experience

Unique Characteristics:

  • He once beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef
  • Favorite TV Show: Prison Break
  • Wrestles Bears on his days off
  • Loves a great party with excellent food
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