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We got ya COVERED

Maybe you hit your numbers this month, embarked on a new project, raised money for a good cause, or just want to treat your workers with a great time…whatever the reason, we are here to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Your company picnic IS our business, not just one more thing to do on a busy day at a restaurant.  The week before your picnic, our priority is preparing for your picnic- not a busy lunch crowd.
We cater to YOU
Whatever you envision for your company event, we will work with you to make sure that we exceed your expectations. We can create custom menus, work within budgets, and accommodate any request.  We are the large event experts in Boston, regularly serving picnics of hundreds of people and up to 2,000 guests. We have been known to pull all nighters, cooking on site to make sure the food is perfect when you and your employees are ready to eat.
We cook…ONSITE

We can cook in the parking lot of your office building, a construction site, a venue that you rented, or any other location for that matter. Whatever the place you choose, we’ll bring the grills and service to deliver the best BBQ and experience for you and your employees. The BBQ keeps on coming; we guarantee we will never run out of food, so go ahead and grab seconds.

Your company will thank you later…get a quote now!

  • Corporate Menu Specialities

  • Corporate Classic BBQ: Pulled Pork and BBQ Chicken

  • The Executive: Ask about our option for high end steaks, ribs, seafood luncheons and dinners

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